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website is completely different from all the crap sites all over the net. We are a group of enthusiastic photographers from California and what we like is to travel around the world, drink beer and shoot pics and movies during all this fun. Just to let you know, we are no younger than 40 years old... So.. we are are into shooting older natural women in their 50's and up. We did not happen to see any high quality site which is dedicated to real, natural and plump mature women - Grandmas - as we call them; so we opened this site to introduce you the photos and movies we shot during the last 3 years. Notice, that this site is totally free, we just need you to sign up for free, only!!

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Let us introduce you 2 beautiful ladies: Jessica and Simone. They are from our "seniors" picture area. They both wanted us to put their photos as samples for you to review before joining us for free, so we had nothing against that. By clicking on any bigger or smaller thumbnail you'll see a larger pic but we resized it just to make you feel what's waiting for you when you'll access our free members area. Jessica is famous for her monster boobs & Simone... see for yourself :)

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Let's go further... Nancy and Tiffany. Oh, they are real swallowing bitches, believe us. They both are divorced and what they like is to go to swingers parties every time they take place in area around where they live. The two old fatties are friends in real life and they don't feel ashamed for even fucking in the same room at the same time and even rotate their sexual partners. Preview the pics of them and you will see that Nancy has sooper trooper tits and Tiffany has yummy pussy to enjoy.. :)

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